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What is fiber? The role of fiber have?

Fiber fine fiber encapsulated in a plastic sheath, such that it can bend and not break. Typically, one end of the optical fiber emitting device using a light emitting diode (light emitting diode, LED) or a laser light pulse is transmitted to the receiving device at the other end optical fibers of the photosensitive member using the detection pulse.

In daily life, due to the much lower light transmission loss in the optical fiber than the electrical conduction losses in the cable, the optical fiber is used as the transmission of information over long distances.

Fiber optic cable is usually two terms are confused. Most of the fiber must be covered before use by several layers of protective structure, to be known after the cable-coated cable. Fiber outer protective layer and the insulating layer can prevent damage to the surrounding environment of the fiber, such as water, fire, electric shock. Fiber optic cable is divided into: the cable skin, aramid yarn, the buffer layer and the optical fiber. Optical fiber and coaxial cable is similar to, but no mesh shield. Center glass core optical transmission.

In a multimode fiber, the core diameter of 50μm and 62.5μm two kinds, generally with a considerable thickness of a human hair. The single-mode fiber core diameter of 8μm ~ 10μm, commonly used is 9 / 125μm. Outside the core surrounded by a layer of a lower refractive index than the core glass envelope, commonly known as the cladding, the cladding such that the light remains within the core. Then the outside is a thin plastic jacket, i.e. the coating layer, to protect the cladding. Fiber is often tied into bundles out there shell protection. Small cross sectional area of the core is usually double concentric cylinders made of quartz glass, which is crisp texture, easy to break, and therefore requires an additional protective layer.

Description: 9 / 125μm fiber refers to the fiber core is 9μm, cladding 125μm, 9 / 125μm is an important feature of the single-mode optical fiber, 50 / 125μm fiber core is pointed fiber 50μm, a cladding of 125μm, 50 / 125μm multimode fiber is an important feature.

BRICS cable program which is directly connected to five BRICS submarine cable project will start early in 2014, 2015 is enabled. Total length of 3.4 million km of the project, including direct connectivity five BRICS submarine cable is about 2.4 million meters.

2013, global revenue is expected to 100G fiber for the first time more than one billion US dollars. The company analyzed the 2013 financial results for the first quarter of the global optical network market, found some trends, including a disappointing trend that the overall growth of the market is still difficult, only Japan's Fuji profit growth year after year.

Although the recession is not uncommon fiber market in the first quarter, but the decline is worrisome because this is the fifth consecutive quarter, the market has declined, and the quarterly revenue reached the lowest value in six years.

100G optical fibers are more optimistic, regardless of the chain, have shown strong growth year on year. 2013 first quarter, shipments 100G fiber than the fourth quarter of 2012 increased by 41%, compared with 2012 fourth quarter revenue grew 24%. By this calculation, the annual revenue is expected to more than one billion US dollars for the first time. The first quarter of 2013, there are 20 vendors selling 100G fiber-optic, there will be more companies to join the market competition. Suppliers cautiously optimistic, bullish short-term orders, is not optimistic about the long-term orders.

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