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3D interference indicator - high standard fiber optic connectors

Edit:   Date: December 23, 2014 

Fiber optic connector is an important connection device; and optical parameters are its basic parameters. Only when the optical parameters meet the requirement, the optical connection is achieved. How to improve the stability, reliability and quality of the high-speed networks? The way is to control the 3D interference index of the fiber optic connectors. In other word, the way is to control the polishing techniques of the optical fiber connector geometry, to make the connection between the end face of connectors reach the high precision.

There are three important technical parameters for testing fiber optic connector end face geometry: radius of curvature, apex offset and core height, constituting the 3D interference index.

1. Radius of curvature

The radius of curvature is defined as "near the point on the curve coincides with the maximum radius of the arc." The radius of curvature of the end face-to-face means the radius of the ferrule axis, that is, the curve radius of the ferrule end face. The radius of curvature of the compression force is controlled to maintain the fiber center matches the force. The radius of curvature increases or decreases the fiber failure of the pressure, the aging effect of matching will eventually lead to the fiber center spacing.

2. Apex offset

Ferrule end face apex offset is the highest point of the curve to the distance of the axis of the fiber core. Offset will increase if large insertion loss and return loss, affect the connection results.

3. Core height

Height is the height of optical fiber core fiber ferrule end face to face in the distance. Fiber height this indicator is used to measure optical fiber and fiber optic contacts, when the material expands or shortened fiber depressions will form an air gap between the fiber contacts, change the insertion and return loss. Fiber height between the fibers will increase the pressure, thus damaging the fiber; the pressure will be passed to the fixed optical fiber or the material, thereby fixing the fiber damage and affect the performance and stability.

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