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XFP transceiver

  • Supports 9.95Gb/s to 10.5Gb/s bit rates
    Power dissipation < 2W
    Full Duplex LC connector
    Maximum link length of 80km
    Commercial temperature rang -40 ℃ to 8 5 ℃(optional)
    No Reference Clock required
    Standard bail release mechanism
    RoHS Compliant Products Available?
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XFP transceiver

The main contents of managed system is listed below :

 Supports 9.95Gb/s to 10.5Gb/s bit rates

●  Power dissipation < 2W

●  Full Duplex LC connector

●  Maximum link length of 80km

●  Commercial temperature rang -40 ℃ to 8 5 ℃(optional)

●  No Reference Clock required

●  Standard bail release mechanism

●  RoHS Compliant Products Available 

Part No.Package(bps/Hz)Data RateTx(nm)Pout(dBm)RxSensitivity(dBm)Temp °CReachOther Option
WT-XFP-SRXFP10G850nm VCSEL-8.2~-1PIN≤-9.9-40°C-85°C220mDDM RoHS
WT-XFP-LRXFP10G1310nm DML-6~-1PIN≤-14.4-40°C-85°C10KmDDM RoHS
WT-XFP-ERXFP10G1550nm EML-1~2APD≤-16-40°C-85°C40KmDDM RoHS
WT-XFP-ZRXFP10G1550nm EML0~4APD≤-24-40°C-85°C80KmDDM RoHS

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