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5G is NOT 4G+1

Nov 05, 2014

Recently, Spaniards had to re-tune all television sets as a result of the introduction of 4G mobile networks. Their data transmission speed (10 times higher than the 3rd generation's) required a release of the frequency band hitherto occupied by several TDT channels. 4G is a fact, but we are nearing the 5G revolution. 5G network development is now underway to provide a network capacity one thousand times higher than that of existing mobile networks. But, what is 5G? How will it impact our lives and when will it become available? 

5G is NOT 4G+1", said Mario Campolargo, Director of Net Futures - DG CONNECT at the European Commission. 5G means making the hyper-connected, network society a reality, where objects and people are connected to each other and the information flow is smooth and continuous thanks to systems whose coverage and capacity is almost infinite. Devices that learn from our habits and help us "think better", connect us to a friend just by thinking about it or ensure continuing medical monitoring, will be a reality in 2020.

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